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He knows their name (Week of 1/23/17)

Realizing the importance of hope. The will to live diminishes without it. Boys at my internship have made decisions that have shaken their families, but they need to know there is hope. They can be successful. They are more than their mistakes. There are qualities in them worth sharing and the world needs them in it. They are more than screw ups.
And we ALL need hope. We all need to see the beauty than can come from ashes. We need to know that God takes broken things and makes them whole. It takes time. The road is often heard. But healing is possible.

When you pray for favor, and after 4 days of working with you your supervisor tells you she can see your care and love for people and your ease and enjoyment of teens. Only to God be the glory!

On another note, adoption is so scary. I am really struggling with the lack of concreteness as well as the reality that the biological parent(s) may be consistently involved. Of course, I want that! But also- my humanness, my s…

This week in the life (1/16/17)


Sovereign God, How fickle we are. We swiftly forget your ability and character & think a hiccup in our plan is a hiccup in yours. Forgive us for our lack of resolve in regard to our trust in You. Enable us to have as much steadfast trust in You as You deserve. Remove our worry and heal our unbelief. Forgive us for how we put too much weight in our current circumstances and help us grab hold of the joy we constantly have access to through You. Amen. 
Started today at my new internship, working with boys who have sexually harmed others. The stories of these boys reminds me so much of foster care and the children who are overlooked and really just have it rough. These boys have done some awful, heartbreaking, things. Then again, I look at them and I just see teenagers. They are kids. Kids who have had hell in their lives in numerous ways, and who don't know how to handle their sexuality. I can't openly talk about Jesus at this placement, but I am praying that …

Musings of the week (1/9/17)

One of my goals for this year to spend less time watching Netflix and more time writing and just being still. If I sit down to write for 10 minutes a day, maybe I can make something beautiful. Or, maybe I will simply be more grateful and self-aware. Either way, I'm technically starting on a Tuesday so due excuse the gaps.

I laugh.
Puppies- cute, exhausting, small yet quickly take up a big space and time gap.
I continue to realize how little I know, how prone we all are to mistakes, how love requires patience, and how even in things I don't think I really want, God is forming in me qualities that delight Him and benefit who I am made to become.
The puppies have also made me slow down. And it is a huge contrast to how fast paced I usually feel on the inside. I want to be more present and realize there is no need to rush and hurry. I am in the hand of my Maker. He can handle it.

There's not a baby growing in my tummy, but my kids are growing in my heart. It'…