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Stop Using the Bible to Prove Your Point

The Bible is not your weapon of choice to manipulate as you choose to further your agenda. This goes both ways:
Christians: Posting verses from the Bible to prove to non-Christians that they are sinning doesn't do much. First of all, most people have very misguided beliefs about the Bible, do not know how to interpret it, and have seen so many Christians use the Bible for selfish gain that posting blanket statements of condemnation is probably not going to change the sinner's heart. Second, ask yourself if you are dealing faithfully with Scripture. Do you know the context of the passage? If someone asks you to elaborate on meaning, will you have an answer to give? "Because the Bible says it" is not enough. If you read the Bible and take everything literally, you will find yourself in trouble on so many levels. If you want to represent God and His word, do your homework. Your intentions may be pure, but you can end up doing much more harm than good.
Non-Christians: Pos…