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In the thick of it.

We are in the thick of it. We are in trudging through so much at once. We are waking up every day asking God to give us guidance to make the right decisions and laying down at night hoping we did. We are so often seeing glimmers of hope, connection, and trust built and at the same time scratching our heads and wondering if our small acts matter (though we know deep down they do!). We are doing this thing called foster care, we feel torn and stretched by it and worn down by it. We feel so many emotions and it has only been 3 months. For our boys, it's been over three Y E A R S. In my moments of doubt and frustration I remember that they have been dealing with all this and more without a stable home or adult to lean on, all while trying to be a kid and grow up and discover who they are.

But even in my short engagement with the system so far, I have experienced more emotional turbulence, anxiety, and even depression than I ever have before. In my short stint, I can see the impact of …