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1 John 5:21

"Dear children, keep yourselves from idols."           Idol in Greek is “eidolon”- the corresponding Hebrew word denotes “vanity”; an image or idea that worships a false god. 
Children in Greek is “teknion”- a little child, used only figuratively; a term of a affection from a teacher to his disciples under circumstances requiring a tender appeal for example Christ to the twelve before His death or the Apostle JOhn’s warning to believers against spiritual dangers.  INTERESTING! I got a Greek dictionary for Christmas and I am loving it. It is interesting that God chose this form of child for this specific issue of idols. Though the word often means “vanity”, most of us do not think of the things we love and invest our time into as vain things at all. We love our boyfriends, or our wives, or our jobs, or we love “doing good things”- the list goes on. For this reason, the Lord calls us first “teknion”, a tender form of affection that we may listen with a soft heart. Children first,…

Talk about it.

Last night I had a very good conversation with Daryl. It was authentically emotional and real for me. Firstly, I am just so blessed to have people, to have friends, that though we argue and our moods swing from high to low, we look for the face of Jesus in the midst of it. 
    For the past couple of days I have felt just in a weird mood. I felt easily annoyed and just kind of difficult. I did not really want to do anything except what I wanted to do. Selfish, really. This mood I was in made my sarcastic, jokingly biting comments all the more frequent and all the more biting. Legit, I am really mean sometimes. In the moment, I laugh and I am joking. But why in the heck do I enjoy embarrassing my friends, or calling out their weaknesses? I am willing to hurt the people I care about most. Last night Daryl was beginning to feel like a lot of people in her life only saw her faults; that they were the dominating things about her. And by my words to her, I can see why that is how she fee…