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Reality Check.

Through a combination of beginning to go to counseling, reading Henri Nouwen's The Return of the Prodigal Son, and going over John Ortberg's youtube series in our small group on "Soul Keeping," I can officially say that Jesus has been wrecking me lately, in the best way possible. If anything I say in the following post interests you, I encourage you look into everything I mentioned above.

I will start by saying that the Lord continues to graciously humble me. For much of my life, I have sought the praise and respect of people in my life to validate me. I have measured my own worth by my successes and my ability to make a positive impact in the world. God is so beyond me, because even though much of my motivation to "be good" in the past was motivated by insecurity, he moved through me anyway. He reached through my imperfect service to him and brought people to Himself.
We all have pain in our lives. We all have a yearning to be accepted and worth something.…

Stop Using the Bible to Prove Your Point

The Bible is not your weapon of choice to manipulate as you choose to further your agenda. This goes both ways:
Christians: Posting verses from the Bible to prove to non-Christians that they are sinning doesn't do much. First of all, most people have very misguided beliefs about the Bible, do not know how to interpret it, and have seen so many Christians use the Bible for selfish gain that posting blanket statements of condemnation is probably not going to change the sinner's heart. Second, ask yourself if you are dealing faithfully with Scripture. Do you know the context of the passage? If someone asks you to elaborate on meaning, will you have an answer to give? "Because the Bible says it" is not enough. If you read the Bible and take everything literally, you will find yourself in trouble on so many levels. If you want to represent God and His word, do your homework. Your intentions may be pure, but you can end up doing much more harm than good.
Non-Christians: Pos…

Why I Can't Ignore Foster Care.

God has put a cause in my heart, and continually fuels the flame. Every day in this country, innocent kids and teens are removed from the people who are supposed to protect them because of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or addiction. Those children are now a part of a broken system that does the best it knows to do, but it is not enough.
The foster care system simply cannot provide the fullness of what these children need. Christ. He is all in all.Over the past year, I have talked to many friends and loved ones who were totally unaware of the reality and depth of the problem. I grew up in church and was never told about foster care, or the orphans that are in this country, in our neighborhoods, and in our schools. It's time for the silence to end. There are many worthy causes that grieve God's heart. My prayer is that all of us would begin to listen and be willing to respond. Not everyone will develop a heart for foster care, but some, through hearing, will develop one, just like…

Born of the Spirit in the every day.

Nicodemus, a Pharisee, came to Jesus in the night claiming to believe that Jesus was indeed from God. To this, Jesus replied that no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again (John 3:3). This new birth is not a going back into our mother's wombs, but a being born of the Spirit. In my time with God yesterday I reflected on this passage and the words were flowing, so I figured I would share them!

"Born of the Spirit"
Life now depends, exists upon, and flows from the Spirit. Everything is rooted in this origin of being, the fact that we have been given a new life in God. When a person is first born, there is an undeniable neediness, a dependence on other than self. So it is with being born of the Spirit. We are to stay in a perpetual awareness of our beginning, our cause. Though we gain confidence and learn to "walk on our own," we are to remain sensitive to our status as followers and dependents of God- his children, desperate for his touch and gui…