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Back at it.

The below two entries are from almost two months ago, but I didn't want them to go to waste, so here they are!

Connected today with a sweet friend from Mississippi. I am humbled by the people the Lord ordains to cross my path and the beauty each one brings to my life. I admire her willing sacrifice for her children and her humility to confess how difficult it can be to lay down our lives for another.

Today I am praying that the Lord helps me to continue to be a faithful witness. I am also here to be honest that sharing your faith and being questioned about it is scary! I was asked to defend my stance on sexuality today, my stance on why sex is sacred for marriage. Its uncomfortable. I don't know why the person is asking or what the Lord will bring about because of my answer. Still, I choose to trust that He just may be up to something and I am not entitled to know what that is. The nerves and butterflies in my stomach remind me of my constant need for the Spir…