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Worship- A Spoken Word.

Today, this day, I will worship the Lord.  Not just my mouth but my heart does sing. The dance I dance is not one of my body but of my soul. The dance of obedience that begs me to be whole. My song and dance surrender the spotlight and the praise I so long for- it’s not what I was made for. My King takes center stage.  True worship is not achieved when I push to be the best and better than the rest- but when I love. Worship does not exhaust you. If you are trying too hard it’s not worship. Worshipping God is like taking a breath of air, it becomes a part of you, its in the heart of you and there is a rhythm to your life. Worship is real when theres a halt to your strife. When we stop thinking God owes us something, when we accept His way, when we don’t think we know better, when we walk into the unknown simply because God is known and nothing else matters.  Well that’s what I call worship.  Worship and pride are not at all friends. Where pride starts is where worship shall end. Lay down your crowns and pick up y…