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Is God Really Enough for Us?

As much as I believe in my heart that the answer to this question is yes, my life and my actions often declare otherwise. I say with my mouth that all I need is God and His love yet I find my peace is easily shaken when I don't receive approval from other people. Recently, the Lord has really been speaking this truth in my life. It is so easy for all of us to say in our hearts, "God, Your acceptance of me is enough, BUT I also need _____ to truly be happy and fulfilled." For me, this blank is often the respect of others. Not so much being "liked," but being respected. I have noticed that when I don't have this, I find myself very frustrated, annoyed, and often lacking the peace of God. 
There are two notable things to consider within this struggle:        First, when people dislike us or don't respect us, there may be a valid reason for that. I have had to look my own flaws in the face and see that sometimes I may not be very likable. I am not perf…