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Facing my fears.

I am sure it will not surprise anyone to hear that God constantly moves in my life (and in yours too. If you don't think so, you probably aren't paying attention). These past few months have been interesting ones indeed. Growing up, learning to be married, making new friends, living in a tiny town, and being away from my loved ones all provides for quite the challenge. 

       My life is a lot more peaceful these days than it has probably ever been. This is not to say that I am not busy-because I am. The busyness is just different now. It involves working and lots on reading and discussion board posts. It involves cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. I really only venture to the store, work, and home. Needless to say, that in itself is a challenge for me at times. I am so used to being very active; interacting with lots of people in a given day and changing my location frequently. God is teaching my heart to be more still and to be content in calmer settings. I stru…

How great is His love.

Let me just start by saying that I am simply overwhelmed by God's love. Truly, whenever I stop and think about it tears form in my eyes. Not because I am sad, but because I am so humbled that a God so majestic and holy loves me, died for me, and chases after me.
I have come to the realization that I am not in this world to be understood by other people. One of the hardest things in life to face is that people may truly never understand how much they have hurt you. I have to be okay with that. And I am learning to be okay with that as we speak. 
My mother is a woman full of wisdom, and tonight something she said truly stood out to me. She told me that every time we look to the world for something and then the world fails to provide, that is an opportunity to let more of God in. Often we don't realize we are void of being satisfied in a certain area until someone else fails us. She told me that dying to ourselves is painful, but rewarding. I know this couldn't be more true. 

Pardon me.

Sometimes, I truly am too hard on myself. I get so frustrated with myself when what I know in my head is not executed perfectly in my life. I know I am not perfect, and I don't think I try to be, but when I "mess up," or react in a way that I wish I didn't, I often feel very guilty and disappointed in myself. Sometimes I feel ashamed and embarrassed of myself. And I don't think that's how it's supposed to be. Not because I shouldn't care about when I make mistakes, but because I need to handle myself and my own flaws with more grace.

And I think I have created a lot of situations where other people have very high expectations for me. I don't blame them, since I have them for myself. But knowing that people have those expectations makes it hurt so much more when I think I "let them down." 

But here is the deal, self. Yes, I am talking to you. YOU ARE WHOLE IN THE EYES OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. Let your mistakes humble you and remind you of how …