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Why I Can't Ignore Foster Care.

God has put a cause in my heart, and continually fuels the flame. Every day in this country, innocent kids and teens are removed from the people who are supposed to protect them because of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or addiction. Those children are now a part of a broken system that does the best it knows to do, but it is not enough.
The foster care system simply cannot provide the fullness of what these children need. Christ. He is all in all.Over the past year, I have talked to many friends and loved ones who were totally unaware of the reality and depth of the problem. I grew up in church and was never told about foster care, or the orphans that are in this country, in our neighborhoods, and in our schools. It's time for the silence to end. There are many worthy causes that grieve God's heart. My prayer is that all of us would begin to listen and be willing to respond. Not everyone will develop a heart for foster care, but some, through hearing, will develop one, just like…