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Destination Preparation

If I had to give a name to this season in life it would be, without a doubt, preparation- in more ways than I could even attempt to express in this post. Moving to Mississippi and leaving everything behind that was familiar has been a humbling experience. Some parts of it have been extremely hard, but hard as it has been, I would go back and make the same decision simply because of what I have learned, and what Brett and I have learned together. I know that throughout my life I will look back on this time thankful for the foundations laid here, completely aware that without this time I may not have been able to move forward as God had planned. 

Specifically, I have felt the overwhelming confirmation that the Lord is calling me to the ministry of counseling. My last year at Regent the Lord really put it on my heart (pretty much out of nowhere) and since then, it's like everything in my past and everything in my present agrees. Throughout my time here situations have occurred and it&…

Is God Really Enough for Us?

As much as I believe in my heart that the answer to this question is yes, my life and my actions often declare otherwise. I say with my mouth that all I need is God and His love yet I find my peace is easily shaken when I don't receive approval from other people. Recently, the Lord has really been speaking this truth in my life. It is so easy for all of us to say in our hearts, "God, Your acceptance of me is enough, BUT I also need _____ to truly be happy and fulfilled." For me, this blank is often the respect of others. Not so much being "liked," but being respected. I have noticed that when I don't have this, I find myself very frustrated, annoyed, and often lacking the peace of God. 
There are two notable things to consider within this struggle:        First, when people dislike us or don't respect us, there may be a valid reason for that. I have had to look my own flaws in the face and see that sometimes I may not be very likable. I am not perf…

God is on His throne

I am continually in awe and thankful for the way the Lord gently teaches and leads me. Recently, He has been teaching me a lesson I did not realize I needed to learn, involving how He ALONE is in control and possesses power. Yes, I am aware that this sounds increasingly elementary, but it is one thing for this idea to be in one's mental consciousness and another thing for it to be a part of one's being, an idea that actively affects decisions and thoughts. 

      Basically, the main lesson learned here is this: I am not responsible for what God chooses (or does not choose to do) in my own life. God is sovereign, and I am not. God did not move as boldly in every person's life as He did in the apostle Paul. God does not send angels to communicate messages to every person like He did to Mary and Joseph. Therefore, when I become frustrated because I think my life should be full of more "spiritual happenings," or should look more like the spiritual lives of othe…