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Destination Preparation

If I had to give a name to this season in life it would be, without a doubt, preparation- in more ways than I could even attempt to express in this post. Moving to Mississippi and leaving everything behind that was familiar has been a humbling experience. Some parts of it have been extremely hard, but hard as it has been, I would go back and make the same decision simply because of what I have learned, and what Brett and I have learned together. I know that throughout my life I will look back on this time thankful for the foundations laid here, completely aware that without this time I may not have been able to move forward as God had planned. 

Specifically, I have felt the overwhelming confirmation that the Lord is calling me to the ministry of counseling. My last year at Regent the Lord really put it on my heart (pretty much out of nowhere) and since then, it's like everything in my past and everything in my present agrees. Throughout my time here situations have occurred and it&…