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Why I'm Telling Social Media Who's Boss.

I'm always talking to the girls in our youth group about how consuming social media can be. I tell them to be careful not to look for approval through how many likes their selfies get. I tell them to spend less time on their phones, and more time with people. 
Wellll, God has been nudging on my heart that maybe it doesn't just apply to them. Maybe I need to evaluate the way I use social media too. For a long time, I have convinced myself that my relationship with social media is totally healthy. 

You guessed it, I have just displayed the first sign of a problem: denial. 

So, since I am now admitting my struggle, I began to ask myself two questions:
What is my motivation? Where is my heart? 

The problem is that most of us have never asked these questions. We don't question our use of social media. We have a profile because everyone else does. We check it because we have to see what notification just popped on our phone. There's no thought about any of it; it's just simpl…