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God is on His throne

I am continually in awe and thankful for the way the Lord gently teaches and leads me. Recently, He has been teaching me a lesson I did not realize I needed to learn, involving how He ALONE is in control and possesses power. Yes, I am aware that this sounds increasingly elementary, but it is one thing for this idea to be in one's mental consciousness and another thing for it to be a part of one's being, an idea that actively affects decisions and thoughts. 

      Basically, the main lesson learned here is this: I am not responsible for what God chooses (or does not choose to do) in my own life. God is sovereign, and I am not. God did not move as boldly in every person's life as He did in the apostle Paul. God does not send angels to communicate messages to every person like He did to Mary and Joseph. Therefore, when I become frustrated because I think my life should be full of more "spiritual happenings," or should look more like the spiritual lives of othe…