Father, I love Your ways.
You came in Your mercy,
and died in my place.

I love Your ways, all of them. I don't have too much raw emotion to journal today- but I just want to express that I love how You work. How you orchestrate. In our day to day choices, You have Your way with us if we let You. You move us, ebb and flow us, and bring us to our knees. You are a reward when we seek You and trust You even when we do not know what awaits us at the next bend. You win our hearts when we are humble enough to be wrong. You teach us to love. You teach us to hear of people's sin and genuinely desire change. You teach us to release our burdens to You. You call us and betroth us and give us strength to separate from the world and go to our secret place with You. You give us a solid rock upon a hill that no wind of the world could even budge. You have surely, certainly, eternally- swept me away.


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