The more I get to know God, the more I realize that He loves to surprise us. But it's a weird surprise- it's like He gives us exactly what we ask for, but how we get that thing we want is not always the way we have manufactured the idea in our small, little minds. Surely, as we grow closer to Him, we desire good things because He is the essence of goodness. What gets us and keeps us going though, is the fact that the good thing we yearn for doesn't usually come to us swiftly. Right when we start desiring good things we do not always get them. God has a way of making us work for it. What is unfortunate is that a lot of time we get tired of waiting and so we settle for second-best. After this, we have some sense and realize God really does know what He is doing and that waiting probably isn't so bad at all. It is in this waiting that God actually prepares us for the goodness that awaits. We cannot take home the gold if we do not train. We cannot accept the gold with humility if we do not realize that we failed so many times on our own, and that it really isn't all about us. And you know what else? Sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes we really try to do it right, and we really push to make it work- and God says no. Not yet, my child. And we kick and scream and cry. And He is there. He is shaking His head holding a promise that He will faithfully deliver in it's right time. Wait upon the Lord.

I do not know what lies at the end of all my desires. I could be close to the finish line, or only in phase one of my training. But do I have a preference? Slowly, but surely, my only preference is becoming whenever and whatever the Giver gives. Until then, enjoy the ride. Sweat out the hard stuff, delight in improvement, and know that you serve the God who only raises up victors and heroes. You may just be surprised at what awaits you.


  1. You are simply inspiring and beautiful my friend. I cannot believe how incredibly spiritually mature you are. I look forward to watching you grow, because I cannot imagine where God will take you from here! You encourage me in everything you you!

  2. Thank you, Kim! You are so, so, sweet. I don't feel very mature sometimes- I guess I just know I have so far to go. Love you much.


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