'Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'
-1 Samuel 3:9

Lord, we so often fail to listen. Our minds are full with our own insecurities and desires. We place blame on others; we feel bad for ourselves; we think about how unfairly we are treated. Notice in all of this that it is all us and not one bit of You. How sad it is that we have somehow become a people that believes the world owes us something. How terribly deceived we are when we translate every action by others as an attack on our own self worth. Insecurity is selfishness in disguise and it can eat us alive. How tragic when a friendship becomes fake by expectations and the need to "measure up". Your heart must break when we spend ourselves on pleasing creation instead of choosing to waste our lives on the glory that is you, creator. My prayer today is that Your voice would echo louder than the gossip; louder than the thoughts of self failure; louder than the jealousy; louder than the worry that makes us try and tire because we simply can do nothing good apart from You. May I learn to listen. May I speak less about how I feel and me, me, me. May I consider You, and may Your constancy be the ever-fulfilling peace in the midst of my storms.


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