I will sow love for all the days of my life. 
A glorious seed of this kind has been
 planted in me by the King. 
He leads me beside still waters, 
and there I have room to grow. 
The ground does not strangle me 
or stifle me that I may not breathe. 
The land is not parched or 
void of any thing that I may need. 
Instead, living water runs 
through my very veins
Living water rushes to me 
in the depths of my darkness 
and the depths of my pain.
It chooses to make me whole, 
chooses to inspire me to grow, 
chooses in me to sow. 
By this I reap joy, kindness, love, gentleness:
much fruit. 
I long for others to come and admire my Gardener,
He who plants and waters and keeps my roots 
firm through shine and through storm. 
But now, this love is contagious:
this reaping and sowing is the very rhythm of life.
I shall spread this seed I now possess. 
It was not given to me to just sit, 
well up, 
and consume only the one who possess it. 
A light is not made to sit under a stand- 
a flower not made to grow in a dark or isolated place.
No, the Gardener wishes to see life grow. 
Wishes to see it in the breeze,
 taste it in the wind,
smell it as He passes by.
I will sow love for all the days of my life.
Even when the soil I toil with is rough, 
and uncooperative. 
Every seed must die before it grows.
And God never gives up on a seed. 
No matter the depth He must cross 
to quench the seed’s thirst.
Because I trust the one who created and inspired the garden,
I will not be intimidated by the state of the soil, 
or the parched taste of the air around me. 
Sweet is the name of the Lord on my lips
and sweet is the fragrance 
when His children blossom. 
When the water wins, when the roots gain strength. 
How sweet it is to receive a bouquet from the garden
that we ourselves sow into.
How sweet to reap of the harvest.
The gardener Himself offers us a sweet bouquet of love.
He pays my wages with offerings from His very garden.
Do not be weary, He says, of doing good, 
for the harvest comes.
And it is rich and full of life,
 and well worth the sowing. 
What we reap is much greater that what we sow.
I will say yes to love, 
all of the days of my life. 

I wrote this spoken word because God has taught me that when we give ourselves, He loves to give us gifts back in abundance. He loves to show us the fruit of our labors, that we may delight in them.


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